Privacy and cookie statement

BCN does understand that you do not want to share your personal and study information with others. Because of that BCN handles your information with care. BCN adheres to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)BCN does need your information to help you. In this statement BCN explains which information it needs and what it is used for.

Storage of your information

BCN stores the personal information BCN received from you or your employer. For example the information received from registering a venue, the request of a quote, subscription of the news letter or if you contact us by phone or e-mail. We collect and store the following personal information: 

  • Name (first and last name), address and other contact information.
  • Information concerning the venue you have registered for.
  • Your feedback about the training and other information given by you. 

Use of your information

BCN will use your information for the following purposes: 

  • Registration and administrative handling of your participation of the chosen training venue. 
  • Taking care of the chosen training venue.
  • Performing analyses as BCN can improve the service level.
  • Keep you informed of all of our services and products.
  • To send the documents/information you requested and answer to your queries.

Further explanation

  • BCN anonymises the personal information used for analyses. In our analyses you are unrecognizable because of that.
  • In some cases BCN co-operates with external service providers, like teachers and examination offices. They are only allowed to use your information to perform services in the interest of your education. They are not allowed to contact your for other purposes or pass your information through to third parties.
  • Eventually, it might be that BCN will be legally required by government agencies or other parties to share you information with them. BCN will only share the strictly necessary information.

News letter and subsciption file 

Through our news letter we inform interested people about the news regarding our services and anything affiliated. Your e-mail address will only being used to the subscription file if given permission to. Every news letter contains a link as you are able to unsubscribe and change your preferences. 

Security and Retention period of your information

BCN protects your personal information against abuse and acces by unauthorised persons via all the currently available techniques. BCN will keep your personal information as long as it is legally allowed. In the interest of improving services BCN might keep your information for a longer term, but in this case BCN will always anonimise your information.

View, improve, adjust and delete your information

You are always allowed to view and improve your personal information. You are able to see through a link in every e-mail to your profile, which information is known to BCN and are able to adjust if desired.

In addition you are able to ask to delete and no longer use the information. In several cases you can indicate that you want your information partly being used. BCN is able to export digital information, like a subscribtion confirmation to a printable document.

Would you like to perform one of the above action? Please contact us by phone. BCN will replies as soon as possible but at least within 4 weeks, to your request. If you would like to get information removed, BCN will check if this is legally allowed. When BCN is not allowed to remove your information, we will let you know when we are allowed to.


When you do not agree in the way we handle your information, you are allowed to hand in a complaint(please click here for our contact information).
You are also able to hand in a complaint to the authority personal data.

Use and operation of cookies

BCN uses cookies on its website. Cookies are small text files which are automatically stored to your device when using the internet. A cookie registers which webpage you open and which options you use for example. BCN will use this information to make its website more user friendly for example.

Besides cookies that provides it that you only need to fill out your information only once, BCN is making use of functional, analytical and advertisement cookies.

Adjust cookie settings

You can adjust the settings of your browser that you will receive a warning if a website is using cookies and if you would like to add them on your device. You can also block cookies completely. If you block cookies, it might happen the website would not work optimally. Please be aware that when ruling out advertisement cookies, that this opt-out of a cookie will be saved on your device When deleting all the cookies from your browser, BCN can not control if you are logged out.

Operation of functional cookies

BCN makes use of functional cookies for website optimalisation. These will help us to show you the correct information when you are on our website. Funtional cookies will always be saved on you device. You will not receive a notification to agree.

Functional cookies BCN uses

  • Cookie notification-cookie
    A cookie notification-cookie remembers if your device accepts advertising cookies, BCN will be able to adjusts its advertisements to it and this notification will not show more than once.

Operation of analytical cookies

Analytical cookies are used to analyse how visitors will use its website, for example, how often a website will be visited, on which page they land and which pages are visited most. BCN uses this information to improve its website. Also analytical cookies are saved on your device. You will not receive a notification to agree.

Analytical cookies BCN uses

  • Act-On-cookie
    The Act-On-cookie keeps track of the pages you visit. Because of this BCN is able to share relevant information by e-mail for example if you have given your e-mail address..
  • Google-AdWords-cookie
    The Google AdWords-cookie measures through which advertorial you visit our website. Please read the Google Privacy Statement how we secure your private information.
  • Hotjar-cookie
    The Hotjar-cookie keeps track of where you click on the website. Because of this BCN is able to improve the user experience on its website. Please read the Hotjar Privacy Statement how we secure your private information.

Operation of advertisement cookies

If advertisement cookies are being used you will receive a notification. You can give your permission to save cookies After your permission, BCN will give third parties the possibility to place advertisement cookies on its website. BCN will also place advertisements on third party website. BCN is able to combine the information of these advertisement cookies. BCN does this to track you online behaviour and is able to show you relevant advertisements. BCN does this on its own website and third party websites.

Advertisement cookies BCN uses

  • Google-Analytics-cookie
    The Google Analytics-cookie keeps track of how you use the website. The information is used to create reports about website use. After accepting advertisement cookies, Google Analytics target audience will be shared with Google Adwords to show relevant advertisement on Google partner sites. Please read the Google Privacy Statement how we secure your private information.

Data protection officer

BCN has data protection officer. This officer supervises the appliance and compliance of the privacy regulations.

Alteration Privacry and cookies statement

BCN is allowed to alterate this Privacy and cookie statement. If you would like to know how BCN secures your information and which cookies are being used for what purpose, we recommend to read this Privacy and cookie statement on a regular base. BCN has alterated this Privacy and cookies statement on the 19th of July 2018.


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